Offsite & Onsite Property Management Services in Seattle, WA

Property Analysis Services

Property Audit – We first perform a full internal and external on-site audit to investigate ways to improve property function and attractiveness in order to maximize tenant desirability, owner’s profits, and short and long term property value.

Property Improvements – We utilize highly skilled, and experienced tradesmen to make profitable improvements at cost effective prices. This includes parking lots, common grounds, utilities, landscaping, and individual unit enhancements.

Market Rent Analysis – We investigate comparable properties and use our real estate expertise and market tools to properly estimate fair market rent while maximizing profit. This includes individual unit rent, parking spaces, and storage spaces. As markets evolve, we continuously monitor new trends and prices.

Ongoing Site Analysis – We continuously analyze and observe properties to avoid major issues arising by recognizing and resolving issues early in the process. This is immensely important for both the owner, as well as the tenants, to reduce costs as well as any potential inconveniences. On-site managers help greatly in monitoring and controlling problems.

Potential Added Income – Our all-encompassing property audit helps pinpoint areas where improvements, prices increases, and general reorganizing will increase revenue for the property owner. Implementation of RUBS (owner utility reimbursement), late fee assessment, and additional parking and storage fees all generate extra revenue. Maximizing profit is the most important thing we can do for an owner; this increases revenue in the short term while increasing value of property in the long term.

Property Reports – We keep property owners intelligently informed by providing property reports detailing all happenings on their investment property. Detailed, written communication is key to a harmonized relationship between owner, managers, and tenants. We customize our reports to owner specifications.

Marketing and Sales Services

Market Survey and Plan – We use area demographics, our property analysis, market trends and site location to help us determine proper marketing strategies and our target tenants. We prioritize advertising and marketing strategies to best attract the best target tenants and provide all off-site and on-site advertising.

Marketing and Sales Campaign – Using our information gleaned from our market survey, we organize and execute an efficient marketing campaign using tools such as MLS, Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist, our company website as well as on-site advertising. We also investigate peak rental months for your area and gradually stagger all unit leases to start and end around those most profitable renting months.

Screening – Professional, accredited, prompt screening process is very important to set the tone of a property with quality tenants and is free to the property owner. We screen for criminal history, rent history, and credit history. Quality tenants are easier and more reliable to work with, which adds value to the property by cultivating a happy environment and prompt rent and bill pay.

Leasing – Our management team as well as our on-site manager always create an informed and professional atmosphere and are always readily available for showings, as well as phone and email correspondence. We provide potential tenants the ability to apply in person, over email, or through our company website to help maximize leasing opportunities.

Property Management Services

Onsite Management – We utilize an experienced, professional onsite manager to provide superior face to face communication with tenants. The tenant manager provides day-to-day prompt service and monitoring at no additional cost to the property owner. This provides for easy rule enforcement in order to cultivate a long term positive environment as well as early detection of any potential problems.

Offsite Management – Our offsite management team takes care of all legal and monetary aspects of the operation while maintaining a close working relationship with both the onsite manager as well as the owner.

Maintenance – We guarantee we will address any maintenance issues within 24 hours of notification using highly skilled, certified, and experienced tradesmen. We generally utilize the same tradesmen with most of our properties cultivating a cohesive partnership that both saves time and money for the owner.

Rent Collection – Rent is collected in a locked metal box, located at a central area to all tenants. Rent is then collected by the onsite person. Onsite managers then notify offsite management of any delinquencies, which are then dealt with in a prompt manner, including using eviction notification.

Bill Payment – All bills will be paid by the Management Company on time and classified and organized using digital programs to help streamline payments and control costs. This includes all utilities, as well as tradesmen costs.