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      You are in good hands with Davis Property Management! Our team provides expert commercial property management and residential property management services tailored to the needs of your property and investment strategy. We owe our continuing success to our years of experience in serving the client’s from Puget Sound area. Our satisfied clients speak volumes of what we can do for you. Guided by the philosophy that we are here to make a difference, we help our clients develop the best strategic goals for their properties. We focus on vigilant property management and maximizing your income, so you have total peace of mind.

      Affordable Fees

      Our management fees beat other property management company in the Puget Sound area.

      Full Service

      We offer full-service management for all types of properties: Multi-family, Residential, Office, Retail, Mixed-use, Industrial, and Non-profit.

      Expert Maintenance

      Our maintenance team can repair any minor problem before it becomes a major issue or deferred maintenance.

      Cost-Effective Support

      We’ve spent years building relationships with local businesses and contractors that provide significant discounts for repairs and improvements.

      Fast Leasing

      Our extensive experience plus marketing on 83 websites and data capabilities allows us to set the highest and most competitive rental terms. We provide fast and thorough screening of applicants, and lease signing is done digitally.


      DPM is licensed and ready to market and sell your property. In addition to managing properties, we also guide clients through the buying and selling process to achieve substantial profit.

      Online Portal

      Our online management platform makes it easy for renters to meet their contractual obligations and owners to collect what is due to them. Online portals are provided for tenants, owners, vendors, and properties.

      Law & Regulation Compliance

      Our trusted legal team provides counsel and enforces all lease agreements as well as landlord-tenant laws.

        Free Management & Rental Analysis

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          Free Management & Rental Analysis

          Property Management Seattle Map

          Property Management Services

          Onsite Management –Our responsive property management platform keeps tenants safe, happy, and long-term residents. Onsite managers will provide lease and regulation compliance and oversee the service of your property.

          Offsite Management – Our office team will respond to all correspondence including legal and financial hassles, so you don’t have to.

          Prompt Maintenance – Within hours of learning about a property maintenance issue, we’ll schedule a skilled, certified tradesmen to diagnose and resolve the problem.

          Rent Collection – We collect rent payments via tenant portal and secure the funds until they are dispersed to the property owner. In the event of delinquencies, we’ll follow up with the tenant and begin the legal process, if necessary, or connect you with our legal team.

          Bill Payment – Keeping track of your property’s invoices and statements is just another headache you do not need. We use specialized property management software to make sure payments are made accurately and on time.

          Property Management Seattle Map

          Property Analysis Services

          Property Audit – We will conduct an all-encompassing property audit and suggest ways that your property’s value could be increased through organized repairs, remodeling, and rent increases.

          Property Improvements – If you express an interest in potential improvements to your property, we’ll team up with expert tradesmen to make it happen with cost-effective pricing and management.

          Market Rent Analysis – Our property management team will monitor and respond to evolving market trends with comparable and profitable goals in order to get maximum rent with minimal days vacant.

          Regular Site Inspections – Our managers and maintenance team will inspect your property on a regular cadence. Any concerns will be communicated with our office and property owner.

          Financial Reports – DPM’s professional accountants will provide you monthly customized reports on your property’s income and expenses.

          Property Management Seattle Map

          Marketing and Leasing Services

          Market Survey and Plan – We will analyze all aspects of your property including demographics and market trends in order to identify the target tenants and marketing strategies.

          Marketing and Sales Campaign –Tools like 83 websites including NWMLS, Trulia, Zillow, and Craigslist along with our company website and onsite advertising will be used to execute an effective property marketing campaign. Owners also get benefit from our preferred relationship with local companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

          Optimized Schedule – After evaluating peak rental months in your geographic area, we’ll schedule lease end dates that take full advantage of the most profitable months of the year.

          Reliable Screening – An efficient, thorough screening process is essential for connecting owners with quality tenants. We’ll screen every potential tenant’s criminal, rental, and FICO 2 credit history at no additional cost to the owner. We strive to have long-term tenants to reduce turnover costs.

          Streamlined Leasing – We make it possible for potential tenants to apply in person, by email, or through our website from their phone or computer. Regardless which connection the tenant prefers, our communication will be professional, informed, and timely with convenient and secure lease signing using authorized e-signature.

          Occupancy Level
          Leases Signed Last 12 Months
          Online Payments
          Average Days for Turnover
          With our streamlined service, we keep properties full.
          Our secure virtual signing process produces results.
          The tenant online portal makes paying rent easy and reliable for the owner and tenant.
          9 Days
          Utilize our maintenance and marketing teams for quick and cost efficient turnovers

          Why Us for Your Seattle Property Management

          Davis Property Management has been at the forefront of the Seattle real estate arena, providing comprehensive services including management, leasing, maintenance, renovations, and brokerage sales.
          If you happen to be a Seattle-based property proprietor in search of top-tier, all-encompassing, regional property management, then the partnership process with Davis Property Management is painless, efficient, and rewarding.
          Once you choose to collaborate with us, everything you require will be available under one roof. As a constituent of one of the foremost property management corporations in Seattle, you will benefit from a one-stop shop for all your management, investment, and real estate necessities. You will have access to standardized mechanisms and unparalleled practices, with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with an economy of scale that cannot be found with any other firm.
          Davis Property Management capitalizes on our local knowledge, while extending nationally recognized best practices and exceptional systems to you. All your real estate, investment, and management needs can be found under one roof: buying, selling, renovating, and managing. Additionally, we will pinpoint new investment opportunities in Seattle for you and oversee all the day-to-day particulars, such as placing tenants, screening applications, and managing inspections.

          Industry Leader in Property Management

          Expertise award Seattle 2023
          Expertise award Kirkland 2023
          Expertise award Kirkland 2021
          Expertise award Seattle 2020
          Expertise award Seattle 2019
          Expertise award Seattle 2018

          Our team provides steadfast commitment and unrivaled service to every one of our clients, regardless of whether we are managing a single property or an entire portfolio.
          We value diligently working to gain your confidence, so you can be assured you are always our top priority. Our team consistently adheres to the highest ethical standards.
          Communication is one of the keys to our success. We maintain continuous contact and never leave any of your inquiries unanswered.
          Innovative problem solving is another differentiator at Davis Property Management. We challenge the conventional “we’ve always done it this way” outlook and advocate for changes that are beneficial and promote progress.
          Our staff is extremely experienced. Our team of leasing agents, brokers, managers, and maintenance technicians in Seattle is unsurpassed. The knowledge and skill at Davis Property Management assure our landlords absolute peace of mind.

          What Our Clients Say About Us

          Viewing properties with Davis is a breeze. They provide easy access to places at your convenience, which is amazingly advantageous during the pandemic.
          Jeffrey McGregor
          Jeffrey McGregor
          12. February, 2021.
          Just found a property manager—Davis PM—that’s not working just for a commission. Plus, they’re friendly and helpful. The experience was relaxed, informative and the transaction went smoothly. Highly recommend them.
          Shanna Riggs
          Shanna Riggs
          27. January, 2021.
          Throughout this stressful time DPM provided a recommendation letter to my new landlord and helped me move out with limited cost.
          Caden Regan
          Caden Regan
          18. January, 2021.
          I moved out of my previous apartment due to a job transfer. DPM assisted me with giving a recommendation letter for my new house and escorted me through the move-out process. They also refunded my security deposit way before I thought. Thanks and if I move back to Kirkland again, I'll lease from DPM.
          Olivia-Rose Welsh
          Olivia-Rose Welsh
          30. December, 2020.
          These days, it’s hard to find a good property manager, one that’s competent and can be trusted. That’s why Davis Property Managements stands out to me and my family. They’ve been my managing partner for a long time they always handle issues appropriately. They always put their clients first.
          Tom Herring
          Tom Herring
          23. December, 2020.
          Investing is a form of risk taking, but not when you've got DPM on your side. Will continue to use their expertise and market savvy in my investment portfolio for years to come. I have 5 homes on the Eastside and they manage them all flawlessly. It's great to see my investments handled well while accruing more value.
          Shae Ortiz
          Shae Ortiz
          13. November, 2020.
          They are experts with cutting edge technology to make everything comfortable for renters. The office staff was polite and kind. Each and everyone in the office is ready to assist more than those in other companies where you must have to wait for a particular person to get the help you want. Very satisfied so far.
          Katelin Moon
          Katelin Moon
          28. October, 2020.
          Thank you to all at Davis Property Management for their astonishingly coordinated, expert, and friendly approach! We signed our contract with DPM for our gorgeous estate about two months ago and couldn't be more satisfied! From the comfort of accessing and surveying the property, to the careful and respectful interaction received from their staff during the tenant's application process- we knew this would be better than our previous leasing company! If you want to rent your home or condo I would greatly urge you to reach out to DPM.
          Nola Jenkins
          Nola Jenkins
          5. October, 2020.
          I’m really impressed by DPM’s administrative efficiency. Those guys are on the ball, without a doubt. Whenever there’s an issue, they’ll get it resolved quickly. Davis is my best option in Kirkland as long as I’ve got venture properties there!
          Dana Erickson
          Dana Erickson
          8. September, 2020.
          I enjoy working with Davis Property Management. They’ve proven themselves to be competent and responsible. I highly recommend them to anyone who has investment properties.
          Harriet Holding
          Harriet Holding
          17. August, 2020.

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          Seattle Property Management FAQ

          What areas or locations do you manage?

          DPM manages properties in greater Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Everett, Bothell, and Ballard. Here is our service map for a full overview of our operation locations.

          What type of properties can we help you manage in Seattle?

          At DPM, we help manage all types of property. For commercial property, we can manage retail spaces, offices, mixed-use premises, industrial, storage facilities, and multi-family units. We also offer owner-occupied property management to take the worry and hassle of maintenance and operations off the owner’s shoulders. We also manage all types of residential properties, including single-family houses, townhomes, and condos.

          What does RRIO mean in the City of Seattle?

          RRIO is an abbreviation for the Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance, which the City Council of Seattle established after public review. RRIO was founded to ensure that rental housing in Seattle meets basic housing maintenance guidelines and that the houses are safe. It became a law in 2014 and all rental property owners in the city are required to register their property with the city. The inspectors will visit the rental units and ensure compliance every ten years. As your property manager, we will handle the RRIO registration process and ensure the inspections are conducted when due. We will also address any recommended repairs and submissions by the inspector on your behalf.

          Why do you need help managing your property?

          While you can self-manage your property, it will take a lot of time and could be an expensive experience. Dealing with tenants can be hectic and complicated, in addition to all the demands your property has for upkeep. Unfortunately, most owners underestimate the work and time involved in managing property. Hiring us to help manage your property will save you time and give you peace of mind knowing your property in the Seattle area is professionally managed. We also serve you by assisting in the prioritization of your financial interests while addressing the compliancy and protection of your property.

          Our firm is an affordable management solution that gives you the most value for your money. Think of our fee as an investment to prevent issues with tenants, the legal system, maintenance, and other property management inconveniences.

          Read the complete FAQ Here.